The team has to reach at the venue of the festival by 11.01.2017 positively. In order to take care of the participants and for coordination with the organizers of National Youth Festival/Rashtriya Yuva Utsava, the State Government should nominate two energetic, dynamic and responsible Government Officials (one male and one female) as Leader and Deputy Leader. The bio-data of these officials should also to filled up in form `A` available on website and also all direct all the officials and participants to register online on the website.


All the participants ( not accompanists) as listed in Form 'A-1' will be reimbursed to and from ( from the station in respective State Capital to and back) fare of sleeper class or any other cheapest mode of travel by road by the shortest route on production of tickets. They are expected to get their return tickets and confirmed as well. The State Government should send the full team together. 50% Railway concession facility for to and from journey of the participants will be made (on production of copy of tickets) to the authorized team leaders but not to the individual participants. The team leader has to submit a detailed list of participants􀍛 amount claimed both to and fro) and total amount to be received. It will be the responsibility of the team leader to distribute the amount to individual participants.


The participants (performers) should bring their own costumes, dresses, make up kits, musical instruments, props, etc. The organizer of the Rashtriya Yuva Utsava would not provide these materials. Further, the participants should be able to construct the props with minimum help from the organizers.
Performers in item numbers 5-18 as mentioned in form 'A' may bring accompanists at their own cost with prior intimation to the organizers through Form 'A' as well as online registration on the website. However, the performers who require accompanists, should also intimate to the organizers through columns of Form 􀍚A􀍛. Dancers except in folk dance may also perform on pre record music cassettes. The organizers will not be responsible for the performance of the accompanists provide. Nonetheless, on reaching venue of the National Youth Festival in Rohtak, Haryana, they can discuss and can have rehearsals with the accompanists provided by the organizers. No accompanists will be provided for folk dance and folk song.


For taking the participants to the respective auditoria or stadia and bringing them back to the campus, free transport facility will be provided.


The age of the participants should be between 15 to 29 years on 12th January 2017.


Food stalls in the festival will be vegetarian only.


1. The climatic condition of Rohtak, Haryana will be very cold in the month of January (during festival time) and may range between 5 to 12 degree Celsius and hence sufficient woollen clothes are required to be carried by the participants.
2. For putting up their own beddings on floor the participants will be provided floor mats/durries.
3. Participants should bring the toiletry and other daily items of their use. In addition to these, participants should carry their necessary medicines for personal use.
4. Participants should strictly adhere to the tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner timings. No participants will be served food before and after the respective meal timings.
5. Similarly, strict timing for going to respective auditoria and coming back to campus by means of provided transport should be adhered to.
6. The organizers would not be responsible if any of the participants is left behind and is unable to give performance or reach back to the campus.
7. It is compulsory for all the participants and officials to display the identity card.
8. During the festival days and inside the campus, the participants are strictly prohibited to smoke or take alcoholic drinks, drugs and other intoxicants.
9. Participants should observe strict discipline and abbey the day-to-day instructions given by the camp organizers. Indisciplined participants will be shunted out of the camp without reimbursement of travelling fare.
10. The bio-data of the writer of the play should also be filled in Form B. It is ascertained that the writer has not crossed the age of 29 years on 12th January, 2017 and send the same to the organizers along the bio-data of the participants. In addition to online registration on the website. The copy of the same shall also be handed over to Team Leader on its production at the spot.
11. Particulars/ Performers of the items as mentioned below may bring accompanists at their own cost but should inform the State Government in advance so that they, in turn, can fill the same information in Form B., as well as register online.
12. Participants who will perform different items under Competitive as well as Non- Competitive Section should come with full rehearsal, preparation and confidence. They may not get enough time for rehearsal etc. at the festival venue.
13. Other Instructions as deemed fit by the State Government may also be given for smooth conduct of Yuva Utsava.

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